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7th European Round Table on Poverty and Social Exclusion

15 - 16 October, 2008

Marseille, 15 - 16 October, 2008. Anually organized by the European Commission and the European Network Against Poverty

This event was chaired by Martin Hirsch, High Commissioner for Active Solidarity Against Poverty in France, and is annually organized by the European Union Presidency in collaboration with the European Network against Poverty and Social Exclusion (EAPN EU). The agenda was focused on the "strategy for active inclusion of those furthest from the labour market." The strategy is based on three complementary and inseparable "pillars": a minimum income, integration into a quality labour market, and access to social services.

Based on the 7th European Meeting of people who suffer poverty that took place in Brussels on 16 and 17 May, the meeting focused on the search for concrete proposals for the strategy of active inclusion and effective tools for the implementation and monitoring of the strategy.

The work of the roundtable will also help the preparation of the European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion in 2010.

Fintan Farrell, director of the Network to Combat Poverty and Discrimination in Europe (EAPN EU) stressed that European governments should move forward making a strong commitment to combat poverty and social exclusion and thus be consistent with the efforts that the strategy of active inclusion implies. This strategy highlighted "requires investment in social protection systems, investment in public services and a shared effort to address the growing phenomenon of the working poor."

 Key messages and operational proposals were presented by Jean-Marc Delizée, Junior Minister for the fight against poverty in Belgium, Marian Hosek, Deputy Minister for Labour and Social Affairs in the Czech Republic, Maria Larsson (recorded message), Minister for Elderly Care and Public Health in Sweden and Amparo Valcarce, State Secretary for Social Services, Families and Disability.

The findings of the roundtable went to the European ministers responsible for the fight against poverty and exclusion, which met for the first time to discuss these issues the same Oct. 16th.

 All the conclusions, suggestions and proposals, as indicated by Vladimir Spidla, the European Employment Commissioner, are going to be discussed next Council (in Brussels on 15 of December).    

For further information please visit: French Presidency 


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